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retirement the act of retiring. [5 definitions]
retiring modest, shy, or reserved.
retook past tense of retake.
retool to fit with new or different machinery; re-equip for a new purpose. [3 definitions]
retort1 to say or write (something) as an angry, witty, or argumentative reply. [5 definitions]
retort2 a laboratory vessel that has a long, downturned neck and is used to distill or decompose substances by heat. [2 definitions]
retouch to make small improvements to, esp. with paint or the like. [3 definitions]
retrace to follow back, esp. to the starting point. [2 definitions]
re-trace to trace again (lines in writing, drawing, or the like).
retract to pull back in. [6 definitions]
retractable combined form of retract.
retractile able to be pulled back or in; retractable.
retraction the act of retracting, or the condition of being retracted. [2 definitions]
retractor a person or thing that retracts or draws back, such as a muscle that retracts an organ or part, or a surgical instrument that holds back the edge of an incision.
retrain combined form of train.
retransfer combined form of transfer.
retransform combined form of transform.
retransformation combined form of transformation.
retransmission combined form of transmission.
retransmit combined form of transmit.
retread to replace the worn tread of (a tire). [2 definitions]