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revocable capable of being canceled, withdrawn, or annulled.
revocation the act of revoking or condition of being revoked; annulment; nullification.
revocatory having to do with a revocation; holding or communicating a revocation.
revoke to withdraw, rescind, annul, or cancel. [3 definitions]
revolt to enter into active and usu. violent opposition against an established authority or political system. [5 definitions]
revolting extremely offensive; disgusting. [2 definitions]
revolution the internal, usu. forcible, overthrow of a political system or legitimate government. [5 definitions]
revolutionary of, relating to, or marked by a desire for revolution. [3 definitions]
Revolutionary War see American Revolution.
revolutionist one who participates in or supports a revolution.
revolutionize to radically alter in ways that have wide-ranging effects; transform. [2 definitions]
revolve to turn or spin on an axis. [6 definitions]
revolver a handgun with a revolving set of cylindrical chambers for bullets. [2 definitions]
revolving able to revolve.
revolving door a door whose partitions, usu. four, are connected on a central revolving axis, allowing entrance as one pushes against a panel.
revote combined form of vote.
revue a form of entertainment consisting of a series of songs, comic routines, and dances, often as parodies of current affairs and people.
revulsion violent dislike and disgust; abhorrence; loathing. [2 definitions]
reward a sum of money or something else of value that is promised to someone for the capture of criminals, return of stolen property, or other service. [4 definitions]
rewardable combined form of reward.
rewarding affording a sense of satisfaction; gratifying.