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rewarding affording a sense of satisfaction; gratifying.
rewarm combined form of warm.
rewash combined form of wash.
reweave combined form of weave.
reweigh combined form of weigh.
rewet combined form of wet.
rewind to wind again, or to wind back (a cassette tape or the like) to the original position or to a preceding position.
rewire to furnish with new wiring.
reword to express or repeat using different words; paraphrase.
rework to work over again, as in rewriting or revising. [2 definitions]
rewound past tense and past participle of rewind.
rewrap combined form of wrap.
rewrite to write again using different words or a different form or style; revise. [4 definitions]
rex (Latin) king.
Reye's syndrome a rare, acute, often fatal disease that chiefly affects children, usu. follows a viral disease, and is characterized by fever, vomiting, enlargement of the brain and liver, and neurological disorders.
Reykjavik the seaport capital of Iceland.
rezone combined form of zone.
Rf symbol of the chemical element rutherfordium.
Rh symbol of the chemical element rhodium.
rhapsodic of, or having the form or characteristics of, a rhapsody. [2 definitions]
rhapsodize to praise someone or something with intense or exaggerated enthusiasm.