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rewound past tense and past participle of rewind.
rewrap combined form of wrap.
rewrite to write again using different words or a different form or style; revise. [4 definitions]
rex (Latin) king.
Reye's syndrome a rare, acute, often fatal disease that chiefly affects children, usu. follows a viral disease, and is characterized by fever, vomiting, enlargement of the brain and liver, and neurological disorders.
Reykjavik the seaport capital of Iceland.
rezone combined form of zone.
Rf symbol of the chemical element rutherfordium.
Rh symbol of the chemical element rhodium.
rhapsodic of, or having the form or characteristics of, a rhapsody. [2 definitions]
rhapsodize to praise someone or something with intense or exaggerated enthusiasm.
rhapsody a musical composition having an irregular form suggesting improvisation. [2 definitions]
Rhea in Greek mythology, a female Titan, mother of Zeus, Hera, and other gods. [3 definitions]
rhebok a rare, brownish gray antelope that lives on the rocky hillsides of South Africa.
rhenium a chemical element that has seventy-five protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds, but that can be isolated as a very dense metal, used esp. for electrical contacts and other high-temperature applications, and as a catalyst. (symbol: Re)
rheo- flow; current.
rheostat an adjustable resistor used to modulate the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit.
rhesus a monkey of India, often used in biological experimentation and research.
rhetoric the art, ability, or study of using language effectively in speech or writing, esp. to influence or persuade one's audience. [3 definitions]
rhetorical of, relating to, or having the nature of rhetoric. [2 definitions]
rhetorical question a question to which no answer is required, used to make a point or have an effect.