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rhapsodize to praise someone or something with intense or exaggerated enthusiasm.
rhapsody a musical composition having an irregular form suggesting improvisation. [2 definitions]
Rhea in Greek mythology, a female Titan, mother of Zeus, Hera, and other gods. [3 definitions]
rhebok a rare, brownish gray antelope that lives on the rocky hillsides of South Africa.
rhenium a chemical element that has seventy-five protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds, but that can be isolated as a very dense metal, used esp. for electrical contacts and other high-temperature applications, and as a catalyst. (symbol: Re)
rheo- flow; current.
rheostat an adjustable resistor used to modulate the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit.
rhesus a monkey of India, often used in biological experimentation and research.
rhetoric the art, ability, or study of using language effectively in speech or writing, esp. to influence or persuade one's audience. [3 definitions]
rhetorical of, relating to, or having the nature of rhetoric. [2 definitions]
rhetorical question a question to which no answer is required, used to make a point or have an effect.
rhetorician a specialist in or teacher of rhetoric.
rheum discharge from mucous membranes, esp. those lining the respiratory tract.
rheumatic of, pertaining to, or afflicted with pain and stiffness in the limbs or back caused by inflammation of the membranes lining the joints. [2 definitions]
rheumatic disease any of various diseases, such as rheumatic fever or rheumatoid arthritis, that are characterized by inflammation of muscle, connective tissue, or joints.
rheumatic fever a severe infectious disease whose symptoms include fever and inflammation of the joints and parts of the heart, usu. occurring in children.
rheumatism any disorder of the joints causing pain and stiffness in the limbs or back.
rheumatoid of or similar to rheumatism. [2 definitions]
rheumatoid arthritis a chronic disease involving inflammation of the joints, varying degrees of immobility, and usu. some deformity of the joints.
Rh factor a substance usu. present in the red blood cells that may cause severe negative reaction if transferred, as by pregnancy or blood transfusions, into a person lacking this substance.
rhinal of or relating to the nose; nasal.