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rhizo- root.
rhizobium any of various soil bacteria that live in a symbiotic relationship with legume plants by forming nodules on the roots and converting atmospheric nitrogen into a form the plants can use.
rhizoid rootlike. [2 definitions]
rhizome an underground horizontal or compressed stem that bears shoots along its upper surface.
rhizopod a protozoan such as the amoeba that moves and takes in food by means of pseudopodia.
Rh negative lacking the Rh factor in the red blood cells.
rho the name of the seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Rhode Island a New England state on the Atlantic coast between Connecticut and Massachusetts. (abbr.: RI)
Rhode Island Red any of an American breed of chicken with dark reddish brown feathers, that produces brown eggs.
Rhode Island White any of an American breed of chicken with white feathers and a red comb.
Rhodes grass an African creeping grass grown for forage in the southern United States.
Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia, the former name of Zimbabwe. [2 definitions]
Rhodesian man an extinct primitive man of the late Pleistocene Era, whose skeletal remains, found in southern Africa, are similar to modern man except for a large skull and low, massive brow ridges.
Rhodesian ridge-back a large, muscular breed of hunting dog developed in southern Africa that has a tan or tannish red coat and a ridge along the spine formed by the hairs growing forward rather than with the rest of the coat.
Rhodes scholarship any of a number of scholarships at Oxford University in England, established for selected British Commonwealth and U.S. students.
rhodium a chemical element that has forty-five protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a silvery-white, very corrosion-resistant metal, used esp. to electroplate instruments and jewelry and as a catalyst. (symbol: Rh)
rhodo- rose.
rhodochrosite a rose-pink, brown, or gray mineral composed of manganese carbonate that typically occurs as rhombohedral crystals and is important commercially as a source of manganese.
rhododendron any of various shrubs or trees with leathery evergreen leaves and clusters of bright pink, red, purple, white, or yellow flowers.
rhodolite a pink, rose-red, or reddish violet variety of garnet, used as a gemstone.
rhodopsin the red, light-sensitive protein pigment that is present in the retina of the eye and provides vision in dim light.