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rhumb see rhumb line. [2 definitions]
rhumba variant of rumba.
rhumb line the curved line on the surface of a sphere, indicating the path of a ship or plane that maintains a fixed compass direction, which crosses all meridians on a globe or map at the same angle.
rhyme a word that ends with the same vowel sound or vowel and consonant combination as another word beginning with a different sound or cluster of sounds. [9 definitions]
rhyme or reason apparent sense or logic.
rhyme royal a seven-line poetic stanza in iambic pentameter, in which the first line rhymes with the third, the second with the fourth and fifth, and the last two with each other.
rhyme scheme the rhyming pattern of the end rhymes of a poem, usu. indicated by letters to show which lines rhyme.
rhymester a poet of inferior or light verse.
rhyming slang a form of language play in which one word or phrase is replaced with another that rhymes with the intended one, such as "trouble and strife" for "wife".
rhyolite a fine-grained, volcanic rock that is similar to granite in composition and has a high silica content.
rhythm movement marked by the regular repetition of accent, beat, or the like. [5 definitions]
rhythm-and-blues a kind of popular American music, developed mostly by blacks, that combines blues and jazz, is characterized by a strong beat, and was a precursor of rock-'n'-roll.
rhythmic characterized by a rhythm; cadenced; rhythmical.
rhythmical of or relating to rhythm. [3 definitions]
rhythm method a method of birth control that calls for abstaining from sexual intercourse during that time each month when the woman would most likely conceive.
rhythm section the instruments in a band or orchestra that provide the rhythmic beat, such as drums or a bass guitar.
RI abbreviation of "Rhode Island," a New England state on the Atlantic coast between Connecticut and Massachusetts.
rial1 the chief monetary unit of Iran, equaling one hundred dinars. [2 definitions]
rial2 variant of riyal.
rial omani the chief monetary unit of Oman, equaling one thousand baiza.
rialto a trading center or marketplace.