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rifle2 to search thoroughly in order to rob.
rifleman a person who uses or is skillful with a rifle. [2 definitions]
rifle range an area for target practice with a rifle. [2 definitions]
riflery the practice or skill of marksmanship with rifles.
rifling1 spiral grooves that are cut onto the inner surface of a gun barrel, pipe, or similar object.
rifling2 the act or process of searching thoroughly in order to rob; plundering.
rift a crack or fissure made by breaking, splitting, or separating. [4 definitions]
rig to equip or prepare for use, as by attaching sails and ropes to (a boat or ship). [10 definitions]
Riga the capital of Latvia.
rigamarole variant of rigmarole.
rigatoni pasta formed into short, ribbed tubes.
Rigel a blue-white binary star in the constellation Orion, having a combined magnitude of 0.1.
rigging all the ropes, wires, chains, and the like used on a boat or ship to support the masts and work the sails. [2 definitions]
right in accordance with what is fair and morally good. [28 definitions]
rightabout the position assumed by turning around to face in the opposite direction. [3 definitions]
right about face a military command to turn to the right until facing in the opposite direction, or the performance of this command. [2 definitions]
right and left in all places or directions; everywhere.
right angle an angle formed by the meeting of two perpendicular lines and measuring ninety degrees.
right ascension the angular distance of the arc of one of the hour circles of a celestial body, measured eastward along the equator from the vernal equinox to the intersection of the hour circle, and expressed in degrees or hours; the celestial equivalent of longitude.
right away at once; immediately.
righteous morally upright. [3 definitions]