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rightism politically conservative or reactionary views or activities.
rightist of or pertaining to conservative or reactionary political views. [2 definitions]
rightly in the correct or proper way. [2 definitions]
right-minded having thoughts and beliefs that are correct, sound, and just.
rightness the condition or quality of being correct, just, or accurate. [3 definitions]
right of asylum the right to have or give protection within a country, its embassy, or another facility so designated by law or custom.
right off at once; immediately.
right off the bat at once; immediately.
right of search the right of a nation at war to stop and search a neutral ship on the open sea.
right of way the right by law or custom for one vehicle, vessel, person, or the like to move ahead of or in front of another. [3 definitions]
right-to-life of or pertaining to a belief, organization, political party, or the like that is opposed to artificially induced abortion, esp. legalized abortion; anti-abortion.
right-to-work law a state law that forbids an employer from refusing employment to a person on the basis of his or her not being a union member.
right triangle a triangle in which two of the sides form a right angle.
rightward toward or on the right.
right whale any of several large whales lacking a dorsal fin, having a smooth throat, and having eyes set near the corners of the mouth.
right wing those within a political group who are the most conservative or reactionary. (Cf. left wing.)
rigid difficult or impossible to bend; not flexible; stiff. [4 definitions]
rigidify to make or become stiff or inflexible.
rigidity the state or quality of being stiff or difficult to bend. [3 definitions]
rigidly stiffly; without any bending. [2 definitions]
rigmarole a complicated, unnecessarily involved procedure or process. [2 definitions]