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riot gun a small firearm, esp. a repeating shotgun with a short barrel, used to disperse or halt a crowd rather than to injure or kill.
riotous of or resembling a riot or public disturbance. [4 definitions]
R.I.P. abbreviation of "requiescat in pace" (Latin); may he, or she, rest in peace.
rip1 to cut open, off, or apart roughly and forcefully; tear. [5 definitions]
rip2 a stretch or current of rough water in a river or at sea.
rip3 (informal) a person living in abandon or debauchery; reprobate.
riparian of, relating to, near, or living on the bank of a natural body or flow of water.
riparian right the right of a person who owns riparian land to use and have access to the shore and water, as for fishing or irrigation.
rip cord a cord that, when pulled, opens a parachute for descent. [2 definitions]
ripe fully grown or matured and ready for harvest or eating, as grain, fruit, or cheese. [5 definitions]
ripen to become or cause to become ripe, mature, or fully prepared.
rip into (informal) to attack vigorously.
ripoff (slang) a theft, exploitation, misrepresentation, or the like. [3 definitions]
rip off (slang) to rob or steal. [2 definitions]
riposte a quick return thrust in fencing, made after parrying a lunge by one's opponent. [4 definitions]
ripple of water, to move or flow in small waves or undulations. [5 definitions]
ripple effect influences or consequences that spread from an earlier act or event.
ripple mark a wavy ridge or line, as on sand or mud, caused by the motion of wind or waves or both. [2 definitions]
riprap broken stones loosely assembled to form a foundation, as under water or on soft ground, or the foundation constructed of these stones. [3 definitions]
rip-roaring (informal) boisterously wild and noisy; lively and exciting; riotous.
ripsaw a saw with large teeth, used to cut wood along the grain.