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Rn symbol of the chemical element radon.
RNA any of several single-stranded nucleic acids containing the sugar ribose that occur in the cytoplasm of all living cells and are essential in protein synthesis; ribonucleic acid.
roach1 a cockroach.
roach2 a freshwater fish related to carp, found in northern Europe. [2 definitions]
road a long, narrow course, often with a smooth and paved surface, made for the passage of vehicles and people. [3 definitions]
roadability the degree of comfort and efficiency of a road vehicle.
road agent a highway robber of stagecoaches, as in the nineteenth-century western United States.
roadbed the bed, as of gravel or crushed stone, on which a railway is laid. [2 definitions]
roadblock a barricade placed across the road to stop traffic and allow for inspection by police or to stop movement of the enemy by a military force. [3 definitions]
road hog one who drives so as to obstruct other traffic moving in the same direction, as by occupying parts of both lanes simultaneously.
roadhouse a bar, restaurant, or nightclub on a country or suburban road.
roadkill the remains of an animal killed by being struck by a car or other vehicle. [2 definitions]
roadless combined form of road.
road map a motorist's map that shows the routes, road types, mileage between towns, and the like for a specified region.
road racing automobile racing on a course of or resembling public roads.
roadrunner a ground-dwelling, swift North American cuckoo with a long tail, a crest, and streaked plumage.
roadshow a show performed by a touring theatrical company. [2 definitions]
roadside the side or edge of a road. [2 definitions]
roadstead an area of water close to shore, but less protected than a harbor, in which ships can anchor.
roadster an open automobile of earlier design, with a single seat for two or three passengers and either a large trunk or a rumble seat in the rear.
road test a test made on the road under normal driving conditions to assess the quality of a vehicle's performance, undertaken esp. by a prospective buyer or by a mechanic servicing a vehicle in need of repair. [2 definitions]