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rodless combined form of rod.
rodman the surveyor's assistant who holds the leveling rod.
rodomontade puffed-up boasting or bravado.
roe1 fish eggs, esp. as a mass in the female ovary. [2 definitions]
roe2 a small, fleet deer of Europe and Asia, the male of which has three-pointed antlers; roe deer.
roebuck the male of the roe deer.
roentgen a unit of x-radiation or gamma radiation equal to the amount that produces, in 0.001293 gram or one cubic centimeter of dry air at zero degree Celsius and standard atmospheric pressure, one electrostatic unit of electricity.
roentgenography photography that uses x-rays.
Roentgen ray (sometimes l.c.) see x-ray.
rogation (usu. pl.) solemn prayers chanted during rites celebrated in some Christian churches during the three days before Ascension Day. [2 definitions]
roger used to acknowledge reception of a radio message. [2 definitions]
rogue one who is dishonest or malicious; scoundrel. [6 definitions]
roguery the conduct or an act of a rogue. [2 definitions]
rogues' gallery a collection of photographs of criminals kept by police to aid in the identification of suspects.
roguish of or having a roguelike nature; rascally. [2 definitions]
Rohwer Relocation Center an internment camp located in southeastern Arkansas that was built for the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II between 1942 and 1944. At its peak in late 1942, there were 8,500 people being held there.
roil to make (a liquid) turbid by stirring; make cloudy or muddy. [3 definitions]
roily showing the effects of roiling; cloudy, muddy, or the like. [2 definitions]
roister to revel boisterously, noisily, and without constraint. [2 definitions]
role the character played by an actor or actress. [3 definitions]
role model one who serves as an example in the performance of a particular role.