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role model one who serves as an example in the performance of a particular role.
role-playing the acting out of a role, esp. by mental health professionals or their clients as a technique for training or therapy.
Rolfing trademark for an often painful massage technique used to relieve emotional and physical stress.
roll to move by rotating or turning over repeatedly. [32 definitions]
roll around to come into existence or happen as part of a repeated cycle.
rollaway having rollers or casters for ease in bringing out from or returning to storage.
rollback an act or instance of returning prices or wages to a previous level, as by government order.
roll bar a very strong metal bar fitted over and across the width of a car or other vehicle that minimizes injury to occupants in the event the vehicle rolls over.
roll call the reading aloud of a list of names of those expected to be present, such as students in a classroom, soldiers in a unit, or members at a meeting. [2 definitions]
rolled oats hulled oats that have been crushed by rollers.
roller a wheel or caster attached to the bottom of a heavy object, for ease in moving. [4 definitions]
roller bearing a bearing in which the shaft turns with steel rollers that lessen friction.
roller coaster an amusement park ride in which a small, gravity-propelled train of open cars rides rapidly up and down a curving, winding, track built on trestles.
roller skate a shoe, or frame fitting over a shoe, with four small rollers or wheels, designed for skating on a hard surface.
rollick to act or move in a carefree or gay manner; romp and frolic.
rolling the motion or sound of a thing that rolls. [6 definitions]
rolling mill a factory in which sheets, bars, or slabs of metal are put between rollers and rolled into desired thicknesses. [2 definitions]
rolling pin a hard smooth cylinder of wood or marble, usu. having handles at each end, that is used to roll out dough.
rolling stock all the wheeled vehicles belonging to a railway or trucking company.
rollmop a filet of fresh herring rolled around an onion or a pickle and marinated, usu. served as an hors d'oeuvre.
roll-on dispensed from a roller or rotating ball mounted at the top of the container.