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rote unthinking or mechanical routine or habit. [3 definitions]
rotenone a white, odorless, poisonous, crystalline compound obtained from the roots of derris and cube plants and used in insecticides and treatments for chiggers and scabies.
rotifer any of a group of mostly freshwater, microscopic, multicellular organisms that have one or more wheel-like rings of cilia at the front end which appear to rotate when vibrated.
rotisserie a broiler with a rotating spit, usu. driven by an electric motor. [2 definitions]
rotl in Mediterranean and esp. Muslim countries, a unit of weight, varying from about one to five pounds.
roto rotogravure.
rotogravure a printing process in which images or letters etched on a copper cylinder are transferred to paper or a similar surface in a rotary press. [2 definitions]
rotor the rotating part of a machine, usu. within a stationary part or housing. [2 definitions]
Rototiller trademark for a small motor-driven cultivator having rotary blades, used esp. in home vegetable gardens. [2 definitions]
rotten in the process of rotting or the state of being rotted; decaying or decayed. [5 definitions]
rotten borough any district having more representatives in government than its population warrants.
Rottweiler (sometimes l.c.) any of a breed of strong German dog having short black hair and tan markings.
rotund round or full in shape; plump; stout. [2 definitions]
rotunda a round building or section of a building, esp. one that has a dome. [2 definitions]
rouble a spelling of "ruble" used in Canada and Britain. See "ruble" for more information.
roué a man of low morals or extravagant habits.
rouge any of various red or pink cosmetics used to color the cheeks or lips. [3 definitions]
rough having an uneven surface; not smooth; coarse. [14 definitions]
roughage food that contains a high proportion of cellulose, which stimulates intestinal functioning.
rough-and-ready rough or crude but adequate to meet a need. [2 definitions]
rough-and-tumble characterized by or inclined toward roughness, disorder, and disregard for rules or niceties.