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roughen to make or become uneven or coarse; rough.
rough-hew to cut or shape (material such as wood or stone) in rough form, leaving rough surfaces. [2 definitions]
roughhouse boisterous or rowdy play or wrestling, esp. when occurring indoors. [2 definitions]
rough it to live without the ordinary daily comforts.
rough-legged hawk a type of large hawk with dark plumage and whitish feathers covering its legs.
roughly in a rough manner. [2 definitions]
roughneck one who behaves in a tough or rude manner; rowdy.
roughrider one who does, or whose work involves, much hard riding, esp. one who breaks horses for riding. [2 definitions]
roughshod shod with horseshoes that have projecting metal points or nails, to prevent slipping.
rough trade (slang) a tough, sadistic homosexual male hired or picked up for sex, or all such persons collectively.
roulade a small, thin slice of meat rolled around a filling and cooked. [2 definitions]
roulette a gambling game in which the players wager on which slot on a revolving wheel a ball will fall into when the wheel stops spinning. [3 definitions]
Roumania see Rumania.
round having a circular or spherical shape. [24 definitions]
roundabout circuitous; indirect. [2 definitions]
round dance a folk dance performed by a circle of dancers. [2 definitions]
rounded having a curved shape; made round. [2 definitions]
roundel something round or circular. [3 definitions]
roundelay a poem or song in which the refrain is repeated often and at regular intervals.
rounder that which rounds, such as a tool that rounds off corners. [3 definitions]
Roundhead an adherent of the Parliamentary or Puritan party during the English civil war in the seventeenth century.