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royal blue a deep vivid blue color, often with a purple or red tinge.
royal flush a poker hand composed of the five highest cards of a single suit.
royalist one who supports a monarchical form of government, as during a rebellion or revolution.
royal jelly a gelatinous, highly nutritive secretion of the maxillary glands of worker honeybees, fed to all larvae initially and then as the only food to those selected to become queen bees.
royal mail in the UK, the governmental organization that oversees the delivery of mail.
royalmast the small mast immediately above, and usu. on the same spar as, a topgallant mast.
royal palm any of several tall palm trees with a bare trunk and a crowning tuft of feathery leaves, widely cultivated in Florida and the West Indies.
royalty a member of a royal family, or such members collectively. [4 definitions]
rpm abbreviation of "revolutions per minute."
RR1 abbreviation of "railroad," a road of parallel steel rails upon which railway cars travel. [2 definitions]
RR2 abbreviation of "rural route," delivery of mail along rural routes, usu. to a roadside mailbox rather than to the door; RD.
-rrhagia abnormal or extreme discharge or flow.
-rrhea flow or discharge.
R.S.V.P. abbreviation of "répondez s'il vous plaît," (French) please reply. [2 definitions]
rte. abbreviation of "route."
Ru symbol of the chemical element ruthenium.
rub to apply friction and pressure to with a back and forth motion. [8 definitions]
rubato with some notes arbitrarily lengthened and others correspondingly shortened (used as a musical direction to indicate flexibility and expressiveness). [3 definitions]
rubber1 a highly elastic solid made of dried and coagulated sap or latex from various tropical plants, esp. the rubber tree. [9 definitions]
rubber2 a series of three or five games, as in bridge, played until one side wins a specific score or number of games. [2 definitions]
rubber band a narrow, elastic, circular or oval loop of natural or synthetic rubber, used to hold together separate objects, papers, or the like.