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ruination the act of ruining or the state of being ruined. [2 definitions]
ruinous causing or tending to cause ruin. [2 definitions]
rule a code, law, or principle that governs conduct, as in legislative or sports activities. [13 definitions]
Rule 22 the rule of the U.S. Senate that lists the precedence of U.S. Senate motions and describes the procedure for ending a filibuster. [2 definitions]
rulebook a book or pamphlet containing the official rules governing a sport, game, organization, and the like. [2 definitions]
ruleless combined form of rule.
rule of three the method of finding the fourth term of a mathematical proportion when three terms are given, the product of the first and fourth terms being equal to the product of the second and third.
rule of thumb a general rule or method based on practical experience rather than scientific proof. [2 definitions]
rule out to remove from consideration.
ruler one who rules or governs. [2 definitions]
Rules Committee a powerful committee of the U.S. House of Representatives that determines when and how new legislation will be considered by House members. Also referred to as House Rules Committee, its formal name is United States House Committee on Rules. [2 definitions]
rule the roost to dominate or control one's family or associates.
ruling a decision by an authority, as in a court of law. [3 definitions]
rum an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented molasses, sugar cane, or the like.
Rumania Romania.
Rumanian of or pertaining to Rumania or its people, culture, language, or the like; Romanian. [3 definitions]
rumba a complex ballroom dance in triple time that originated in Cuba. [3 definitions]
rumble to make or emit a low, heavy, continuous sound, as of distant thunder. [8 definitions]
rumble seat an open passenger seat in the rear of some early automobiles which can be folded and closed when not in use.
rumbustious wild and disorderly; rambunctious.
rumen the first stomach of a cud-chewing animal.