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run foul of to come into collision, conflict, or entanglement with.
rung1 past tense and past participle of ring2.
rung2 a horizontal crossbar, usu. rounded and usu. one of several, braced between two vertical members, as on a ladder or between the legs of a chair.
runic1 consisting of or written using runes. [2 definitions]
runic2 pertaining to a class of ancient Scandinavian poetry or literature.
run-in (informal) a clash or quarrel. [2 definitions]
run into to meet someone without planning to.
runless combined form of run.
runlet a tiny and usu. intermittent stream; rivulet.
runnel a small stream; rivulet. [2 definitions]
runner someone or something that runs, esp. in races. [7 definitions]
runner-up the person or team that finishes a competition in second place.
running the act or activity of one that runs. [7 definitions]
running board a narrow footboard or step along the sides and below the doors of some early automobiles and other vehicles.
running fire a rapid, continuous series of shots. [2 definitions]
running head a descriptive heading or title printed at the top of every, or every other, page of a publication.
running knot a slipknot.
running light any of various lights that a ship or aircraft traveling at night must display to signal its position and movement.
running mate a candidate for a political office that is closely associated with a more important office. [2 definitions]
running start See flying start.
runny tending to flow, leak, or drip too much. [2 definitions]