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rustic of, occurring, or living in a rural area. [4 definitions]
rusticate to settle in the country and lead a rural life. [3 definitions]
rustle to make soft crackling sounds, as of dry surfaces rubbing gently against each other. [5 definitions]
rustler a person who rustles or steals livestock.
rustproof resistant or impervious to rust. [2 definitions]
rusty covered with or affected by rust; corroded; working or moving stiffly. [3 definitions]
rut1 a furrow or groove worn into the ground by something such as a wheeled vehicle. [3 definitions]
rut2 the periodic condition of sexual arousal in certain male animals, such as deer, during which they seek to mate. [2 definitions]
rutabaga a plant related to cabbage and turnips, with an edible, yellowish, bulbous root. [2 definitions]
ruthenium a chemical element that has forty-four protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a hard, white, dense metal solid used as a hardener in alloys or as a catalyst. (symbol: Ru)
Rutherford atom the atom regarded as visually analogous to the solar system, with electrons revolving around a nucleus.
ruthless without mercy or compassion; pitiless or cruel.
rutty full of or covered with ruts.
RV abbreviation of "recreational vehicle," a vehicle that is equipped with living quarters and is used for leisure travel.
Rwanda a central African country between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania.
Rx abbreviation of "recipe" (Latin); prescription, a directive written by a doctor for the preparation and use of a medicine to treat a designated patient.
-ry variant of -ery.
rye1 a widely cultivated grass, of which the seeds are used for cereal, flour, and other grain products. [4 definitions]
rye2 a Gypsy man.
rye bread bread made entirely or partly with rye flour, often with caraway seeds added.
ryegrass any of several grasses native to Europe and Asia and cultivated in the United States for lawns, pastures, and forage.