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rutty full of or covered with ruts.
RV abbreviation of "recreational vehicle," a vehicle that is equipped with living quarters and is used for leisure travel.
Rwanda a central African country between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania.
Rx abbreviation of "recipe" (Latin); prescription, a directive written by a doctor for the preparation and use of a medicine to treat a designated patient.
-ry variant of -ery.
rye1 a widely cultivated grass, of which the seeds are used for cereal, flour, and other grain products. [4 definitions]
rye2 a Gypsy man.
rye bread bread made entirely or partly with rye flour, often with caraway seeds added.
ryegrass any of several grasses native to Europe and Asia and cultivated in the United States for lawns, pastures, and forage.
-s1 used to form the third person sing. present tense of all regular and most irregular verbs.
-s2 used to form the regular plural of most nouns.
-'s2 used to form the possessive of most singular nouns, some plural nouns not ending in "s," some pronouns, and various noun phrases.
-'s3 shortened form of "is". [3 definitions]
-'s1 shortened form of "us".
S1 abbreviation of "south."
S2 symbol of the chemical element sulfur.
S3 abbreviation of "small."
s the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. [4 definitions]
S.A. abbreviation of "société anonyme" (French), or "sociedad anonima" (Spanish), or "societa anonima" (Italian); corporation.
sabadilla a tropical American plant of the lily family, with poisonous seeds that are used in insecticides.
Sabbatarian one who observes the Sabbath on Saturday, as Jews and certain Christians. [3 definitions]