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sable a weasel-like mammal of the cold regions of Eurasia that has very dark, valuable fur. [6 definitions]
sable antelope a large African antelope with long, ringed, backward-curving horns and a dark coat.
sablefish a large, dark marine food fish of the northern Pacific.
sabot a shoe made from a hollowed block of wood and worn by European peasants, esp. in France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. [2 definitions]
sabotage a secret operation or act, esp. one carried out by an insider, to damage property, obstruct operations, undermine negotiations, or the like. [2 definitions]
saboteur one who commits an act of sabotage.
sabra an Israeli citizen born in Israel.
sabre a spelling of "saber" used in Canada and Britain. See "saber" for more information.
sabre saw a portable electric jigsaw.
SAC abbreviation of "Strategic Air Command."
sac a baglike or pouchlike structure occurring in nature.
sacaton a grass grown in semiarid regions, such as Mexico and the southwestern United States, for hay or pasture.
saccade a rapid, involuntary eye movement, as during reading. [2 definitions]
saccharate an ester or salt of saccharic acid. [2 definitions]
saccharic acid a compound made by oxidizing a sugar or starch with nitric acid.
saccharide an organic compound containing one or more sugars. [2 definitions]
saccharimeter an optical instrument that measures the concentration of sugar in a solution.
saccharin a synthetic, noncaloric, sweet-tasting substitute for sugar.
saccharine of, pertaining to, or having the characteristics of sugar or saccharin; sweet, esp. excessively sweet. [2 definitions]
saccharo- sugar.
saccharometer a hydrometer that measures the amount of sugar in a solution.