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sales promotion a method or technique other than paid advertising by which a manufacturer can interest the public in a product.
sales representative a salesperson, esp. one who travels to clients on behalf of a manufacturer or distributor.
salesroom a room in which goods are displayed for sale.
sales slip a receipt from a retail store.
sales talk a discussion or persuasive presentation designed to sell a product or win support for an idea or course of action.
sales tax a tax on retail sales, usu. set at a fixed percentage of the sale price and paid by the consumer.
saleswoman a woman who sells goods or services as an occupation, esp. in a store or throughout a specific geographic territory.
Salic law the legal code of the Salian Franks, esp. the prohibition against inheritance of land by women. [2 definitions]
salicylate a salt or ester of salicylic acid.
salicylic acid a white crystalline powder prepared from salicin or phenol, used as an ingredient in aspirin, as a food preservative and flavoring, and as an antiseptic in treating certain skin conditions.
salience the condition of being prominent or important. [2 definitions]
salient extremely noticeable or prominent; conspicuous; important. [4 definitions]
saliferous yielding or containing salt.
salify to form into a salt. [2 definitions]
salimeter a hydrometer that measures the concentration of salt in a solution; salinometer.
salina a salty marsh, spring, lake, or the like. [2 definitions]
saline of, pertaining to, or containing salt. [3 definitions]
salinometer an instrument that measure the concentration of salt in a solution, esp. by indirect measurement of electrical conductivity.
Salisbury see Harare.
Salisbury steak a seasoned patty of ground beef, fried or broiled and often served with gravy.
Salish one of a group of northwestern North American Indian peoples. [2 definitions]