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Salic law the legal code of the Salian Franks, esp. the prohibition against inheritance of land by women. [2 definitions]
salicylate a salt or ester of salicylic acid.
salicylic acid a white crystalline powder prepared from salicin or phenol, used as an ingredient in aspirin, as a food preservative and flavoring, and as an antiseptic in treating certain skin conditions.
salience the condition of being prominent or important. [2 definitions]
salient extremely noticeable or prominent; conspicuous; important. [4 definitions]
saliferous yielding or containing salt.
salify to form into a salt. [2 definitions]
salimeter a hydrometer that measures the concentration of salt in a solution; salinometer.
salina a salty marsh, spring, lake, or the like. [2 definitions]
saline of, pertaining to, or containing salt. [3 definitions]
salinometer an instrument that measure the concentration of salt in a solution, esp. by indirect measurement of electrical conductivity.
Salisbury see Harare.
Salisbury steak a seasoned patty of ground beef, fried or broiled and often served with gravy.
Salish one of a group of northwestern North American Indian peoples. [2 definitions]
Salishan of, related to, or designating the Salish, or their language or culture.
saliva the colorless, tasteless liquid that is produced by glands in the mouth and that aids in the tasting, chewing, and digestion of food.
salivate to secrete saliva in the mouth. [2 definitions]
sallet a light medieval helmet with a pointed, projecting neck guard and often a visor.
sallow1 marked by a yellowish gray, often sickly color, as skin complexion. [2 definitions]
sallow2 any of a number of European willows, esp. a bushy tree or shrub that is used to make charcoal.
sally a sudden forward attack or rush from a defensive position by a military force. [7 definitions]