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Salt Lake City the capital of Utah.
salt lick a natural deposit of salt that animals lick to obtain sodium.
salt marsh lowlands near and often flooded by sea water.
saltpeter a natural form of potassium nitrate that is used in the manufacture of gunpowder.
salt pork pork fat with little meat that is taken from the back, sides, or belly of a pig and cured in salt.
saltshaker a small, closed container with holes in the top, used for sprinkling table salt.
salt water water with naturally occurring salt in it, such as the water in an ocean. [2 definitions]
saltwater of, containing, or living in salt water.
saltworks (sometimes used with a sing. verb) a commercial establishment that manufactures salt.
saltwort any of several related plants native to Europe and Asia that grow on salty soil or beaches, esp. Russian thistle.
salty containing salt as a flavor. [2 definitions]
salubrious favorable to good health; healthy; wholesome.
salud health (Spanish); to your health (used as a toast before drinking).
Saluki any of a breed of tall, slender dog with a smooth, silky coat feathered on the legs and tail, and long, hanging ears.
salutary having or intended to have a beneficial effect. [2 definitions]
salutation a gesture or expression of greeting or courtesy, such as a handshake. [2 definitions]
salutatorian the student who delivers the welcoming speech at graduation exercises, usu. the one ranking second in the graduating class.
salutatory of, pertaining to, or containing a salutation. [2 definitions]
salute in the military, to show respect to with a formal, prescribed gesture such as raising the hand to the forehead. [7 definitions]
salvable capable of being saved; salvageable.
Salvador see "El Salvador." [2 definitions]