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Sancerre a dry French white wine from the upper Loire valley.
Sancho Panza in Don Quixote, the title character's practical squire. [2 definitions]
sancta a plural form of sanctum.
sanctified made holy or sacred. [2 definitions]
sanctify to make sacred or holy; consecrate. [3 definitions]
sanctimonious pretending to be pious or righteous; assuming an air of holiness or moral superiority.
sanctimony a pretense of righteousness or piety; feigned devotion or holiness.
sanction an official or authoritative approval, as of an action, behavior, or the like; permission. [8 definitions]
sanctionable combined form of sanction.
sanctity the quality or state of being holy or sacred; sacredness. [2 definitions]
sanctuary a holy or sacred place, esp. the holiest part of a place of worship. [4 definitions]
sanctum a holy or sacred place. [2 definitions]
sanctum sanctorum the innermost or most holy chamber of the ancient temple in Jerusalem; holy of holies. [2 definitions]
Sanctus (Latin) holy; a hymn of praise in many eucharistic liturgies.
sand loose grains of finely ground rock, often including quartz. [7 definitions]
sandal an open shoe made from a sole and straps that fasten the sole to the foot.
sandalwood the highly aromatic inner wood of certain evergreen trees native to India.
sandarac an African tree yielding a dark, durable wood used in building. [2 definitions]
sandbag a sack full of sand, used to build a fortification or to serve as ballast. [5 definitions]
sandbank a large deposit of sand, as in a river or on the side of a hill.
sandbar a ridge of sand deposited in a river or near a seashore by the action of currents or tides; shoal.