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saturable capable of saturation.
saturate to fill or soak so completely that nothing more can be absorbed. [6 definitions]
saturation the condition of being filled, soaked, or unable to absorb further. [2 definitions]
saturation point the limit beyond which no further absorption can occur. [2 definitions]
Saturday the seventh day of the week, occurring between Friday and the beginning of another week on Sunday.
Saturdays on Saturdays; each Saturday; every Saturday.
Saturn the second largest planet in the solar system and sixth from the sun, having many satellites, a diameter of about 74,500 miles, and a system of icy rings around its equator. [2 definitions]
Saturnalia (sometimes used with a pl. verb) the ancient Romans' week-long festival of Saturn, held at the time of the winter solstice. [2 definitions]
saturnine born under the astrological sign of the planet Saturn or influenced by that planet, according to the beliefs of astrology. [4 definitions]
saturnism lead poisoning.
Satyagraha (sometimes l.c.) the policy of nonviolent or passive resistance as a political tactic, created and used extensively by Mohandas Gandhi in India.
satyr (sometimes cap.) in Greek mythology, any of a group of minor gods who represent the spirits of the forests and the mountains, depicted as men with pointed ears and short horns; faun. [3 definitions]
satyriasis a condition of frequent excessive or uncontrollable sexual desire or arousal in a male.
sauce a liquid dressing or relish that is served with food to add flavor. [5 definitions]
saucepan a fairly deep, usu. metal cooking pan with a long handle.
saucer a small shallow dish on which a cup may be set, or an object that resembles such a dish.
saucy impudent or disrespectful; insolent. [3 definitions]
Saudi of or pertaining to Saudi Arabia or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
Saudi Arabia a Middle Eastern country, occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula.
sauerbraten a type of beef pot roast, originating in Germany, that is marinated in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and spices before cooking.
sauerkraut shredded cabbage that has been salted and allowed to ferment in its own juices.