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saunter to walk at an unhurried, leisurely pace; stroll. [2 definitions]
saurian of, concerning, resembling, or belonging to the group of reptiles that includes lizards. [2 definitions]
-saurus lizard (used in the scientific names of certain reptile genera).
sausage a meat preparation made by filling an animal intestine or similar casing with a seasoned mixture of minced beef, pork, or the like.
sauté cooked or fried in a small amount of hot fat. [3 definitions]
sauterne a sweet white French table wine.
sauvignon blanc (sometimes caps.) a white French grape used for making wines such as sauternes. [2 definitions]
savage ferocious and cruel; fierce. [9 definitions]
savagery the condition or quality of being savage. [2 definitions]
savanna a grassy plain with scattered tree growth, found in tropical or subtropical regions.
savant a person of deep learning; scholar. [2 definitions]
save1 to rescue from injury or danger. [10 definitions]
save2 with the exception of. [2 definitions]
save it for a rainy day to save money for future need, rather than spend it immediately.
save one's breath to avoid unnecessary discussion; refrain from speaking.
saving tending or serving to rescue or protect. [8 definitions]
savings an amount of money that a person saves.
savings account a bank account that earns interest, and on which checks may not be drawn.
savings and loan association a bank, usu. owned by its depositors, that pays interest to them on their savings, which it uses for lending for a variety of purposes.
savings bank a bank that receives the savings of depositors and pays them interest on the deposit.
savior someone who rescues or saves people from danger or destruction. [2 definitions]