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scarf2 the notched end of a piece of timber cut so it may be overlapped and joined with another piece. [4 definitions]
scarf3 (slang) to eat greedily or quickly (often fol. by "up" or "down").
scarify to make shallow cuts in (the skin). [4 definitions]
scarlatina a contagious disease occurring mainly in children, marked by a high fever and a scarlet rash; mild form of scarlet fever.
scarless combined form of scar.
scarlet a bright orangy red color. [4 definitions]
scarlet fever an acute contagious disease esp. affecting children, caused by streptococci and characterized by sore throat, fever, and a reddish rash.
scarlet letter formerly, a red letter "A" worn as a badge of shame by a convicted adulterer, as among U.S. Puritans.
scarlet runner a climbing tropical American vine that bears scarlet flowers and long pods with edible red-and-black seeds.
scarlet tanager a U.S. songbird, the male of which has a bright scarlet body with black wings and tail.
scarp a steep cliff formed by erosion or an abrupt movement of the earth's crust. [3 definitions]
scar tissue a dense fibrous layer of contracted connective tissue formed in the healing of a wound.
scarves a plural form of scarf.
scary causing fear; frightening.
scat1 (informal) to leave immediately (often used in the imperative).
scat2 improvisational jazz singing in which nonsense syllables are used instead of words, often with the effect of an instrument rather than a voice. [2 definitions]
scat3 animal excrement.
scathe to injure with criticism. [2 definitions]
scatheless combined form of scathe.
scathing harshly condemning; brutal. [2 definitions]
scatology extreme interest in excretion, excrement, or obscenity. [3 definitions]