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schoolbook a book used as a basis for teaching in a school; textbook.
schoolboy a boy who attends school.
school bus a bus chartered or provided by a school system to take students to and from school and to various school-sponsored events.
schoolchild a child attending school.
school district a geographic area whose school or schools are administered by a single board of education.
schoolfellow a fellow pupil at one's school; schoolmate.
schoolgirl a girl who attends school.
schoolhouse a building used for a school.
schooling education or training, esp. formal instruction in a school.
schoolman (often cap.) a medieval philosopher or theologian teaching at a university by the scholastic system; scholastic.
schoolmarm (informal) formerly, a female schoolteacher, esp. a strict, humorless one.
schoolmaster a male schoolteacher or headmaster.
schoolmate a fellow pupil at school with whom one is acquainted or friendly.
schoolmistress a headmistress or female schoolteacher.
schoolroom a room in which classes are taught.
school system all the schools and their auxiliaries that are administered by a single board of education.
schoolteacher someone who instructs students in a school.
schoolwork study or practice assigned and done at school or as homework.
schoolyard the open area of ground near a school used as a playground, playing field or the like.
school year the annual period from the beginning of a school's classes, usu. in late summer, to the end of classes and examinations, usu. in late spring.
schooner a sailing ship with at least two masts, all rigged with fore-and-aft sails.