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schoolyard the open area of ground near a school used as a playground, playing field or the like.
school year the annual period from the beginning of a school's classes, usu. in late summer, to the end of classes and examinations, usu. in late spring.
schooner a sailing ship with at least two masts, all rigged with fore-and-aft sails.
schottische a round dance similar to but slower than the polka.
schuss in skiing, a fast, straight descent. [2 definitions]
schwa an indistinct vowel sound that occurs in most unstressed syllables in English, such as the first "a" in "away". [2 definitions]
sci. abbreviation of "science."
sciatic of, pertaining to, near, or affecting the hip or nerves of the hip. [2 definitions]
sciatica pain from an inflamed sciatic nerve, which runs through the pelvis and upper leg; pain in the hip and thigh.
science systematic observation and testing of natural phenomena in a search for general laws and conclusive evidence. [3 definitions]
science-based pertaining to a process or approach that is developed using the scientific method.
science fiction fiction in which scientific findings, capabilities, or speculations provide an essential basis for the imagined events.
scientific requiring or demonstrating systematic knowledge and skills, exactness in observation and testing, and keen but dispassionate interest in the truths of nature. [2 definitions]
scientist one who uses scientific procedures and is involved in science, esp. the physical or natural sciences.
sci-fi (informal) science fiction.
scilicet that is to say; to wit; namely.
scimitar a curved, one-edged sword that originated in the Orient.
scintilla a tiny amount; trace.
scintillate to send out sparks. [4 definitions]
scintillating intellectually lively or brilliant.
scintillation the act or process of scintillating. [2 definitions]