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sconce2 a small fortification, as to protect a bridge or the like. [2 definitions]
scone a small, soft, usu. round bread or pastry made from oatmeal, barley meal, or the like.
scoop a utensil with a short handle and a long, deep, curved bowl, used to take up sugar, grain, or the like. [12 definitions]
scoopable combined form of scoop.
scoopful the amount that a scoop can or does hold.
scoot to go with a quick darting motion. [4 definitions]
scooter a child's two-wheeled vehicle with a vertical steering handle in front and along low footboard between the wheels. [3 definitions]
-scope an instrument or device for seeing or observing.
scope the breadth or range of one's view, thoughts, operation, or the like. [4 definitions]
scopolamine a thick alkaloid syrup used as a sedative or truth serum, or to dilate the pupil of the eye.
-scopy seeing; examining; observing (used in abstract nouns corresponding to nouns ending in "-scope").
scorbutic of, pertaining to, having the characteristics of, or diseased with scurvy.
scorch to burn slightly, esp. without setting aflame. [5 definitions]
scorcher a person or thing that scorches. [2 definitions]
scorching extremely hot; searing; burning. [2 definitions]
score the record of the total points earned in a competition or test. [21 definitions]
scoreboard a large board on which the score in an athletic contest is posted, often along with other related information.
scorecard a card or folder on which to record running scores in an athletic contest, as in golf or bowling.
scorekeeper one assigned to keep the official record of the score in an athletic contest.
scoreless having a score of zero.
scoria the refuse remaining after metal has been smelted from ore; slag. [2 definitions]