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Scotchwoman see Scotswoman.
scoter any of several large dark diving ducks of northern coastal waters.
scot-free entirely free from harm, punishment, or duty.
Scotland a division of the United Kingdom, comprising the northern part of Great Britain and nearby islands.
Scotland Yard the metropolitan police force of London, esp. the detective branch. [2 definitions]
scotopia normal vision in dim light. (Cf. photopia.)
Scots see Scottish.
Scotsman a man who is a native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a male of Scottish descent.
Scotswoman a woman who is a native or inhabitant of Scotland, or a female of Scottish descent.
Scotticism a characteristically Scottish pronunciation, figure of speech, or the like.
Scottie see Scottish terrier.
Scottish of or pertaining to Scotland or its people, culture, dialect, or the like; Scots; Scotch. [3 definitions]
Scottish deerhound any of a breed of tall, slender, dog with a wiry coat.
Scottish Gaelic the Celtic language of the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides.
Scottish terrier one of a breed of small terrier that originated in Scotland, with short legs, a blunt square muzzle, erect ears, and a dark wiry coat.
scoundrel a person who disregards morals or laws; villain.
scour1 to scrub energetically. [7 definitions]
scour2 to travel over, esp. while looking for something. [3 definitions]
scourge a whip used to punish people. [4 definitions]
scouring the act or process of cleansing or polishing by, or as by, forceful rubbing. [2 definitions]
Scout (chiefly British) a member of the Scouts, an international organization for youth; Boy Scout; Girl Scout.