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scud to move rapidly. [3 definitions]
scuff to drag the feet along while walking; shuffle. [6 definitions]
scuffle to take part in a brief, confused fight among a few people. [3 definitions]
scull a light, narrow racing boat rowed by two to four people. [3 definitions]
scullery a room adjoining a kitchen, or a part of a pantry, where dishes and utensils are cleaned and stored, or preliminary food preparation is done.
scullion a kitchen servant who does the heavy work and menial tasks. [2 definitions]
sculpin any of various small ocean or freshwater fish that have a large flattened head with one or more spines on either side.
sculpt to make (a sculpture), as by carving, chiseling, or molding. [2 definitions]
sculptor an artist who produces sculpture.
sculptress a female artist who produces sculpture.
sculpture the art or craft of producing three-dimensional artistic images, as by carving, chiseling, or molding. [7 definitions]
sculpturesque like or suggestive of sculpture, as a shapely woman.
scum impure matter that forms on the surface of a liquid. [5 definitions]
scumbag (slang) a disgusting or despicable person.
scummy of, consisting of, or covered with scum. [2 definitions]
scup an edible brown and white fish, related to the porgy, found in the U.S. Atlantic coastal waters.
scupper an opening for draining excess water, as on a ship's deck or the floor or side of a building. [3 definitions]
scuppernong a muscadine grape, esp. a golden-green variety, used to make a sweet pale wine. [2 definitions]
scurf dry or scaly skin that falls from the body, such as dandruff. [2 definitions]
scurrility the quality or condition of being coarsely derisive or scurrilous. [2 definitions]
scurrilous characterized by or given to using vulgar or coarse language. [2 definitions]