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seaweed any of a wide variety of algae that grow in water, esp. salt water. [3 definitions]
seaworthy of a ship, capable of being safely used on the sea.
sebaceous of, concerning, similar to, or composed of fat. [2 definitions]
sebum the semiliquid fatty secretion of the sebaceous glands.
SEC abbreviation of "Securities and Exchange Commission."
sec1 of wines, not sweet; dry.
sec2 (informal) a second, or very short time.
sec. abbreviation of "secretary." [2 definitions]
secant a line or line segment that intersects a curve at two or more points. [4 definitions]
secco a painting done on dry plaster, or the technique of such painting.
secede to quit an organization, a political or religious unit or alliance, or the like.
secession the action or an instance of seceding. [2 definitions]
secessionist one who secedes or advocates secession. [2 definitions]
Seckel pear a small, sweet, juicy, green or reddish pear.
seclude to cause to be kept away from other people or activity. [2 definitions]
secluded isolated or hidden away from view. [2 definitions]
seclusion the act of isolating or hiding away, or the condition of being thus secluded. [2 definitions]
second1 indicating rank or position between first and third. [8 definitions]
second2 a unit of time equal to one sixtieth of a minute. (abbr.: sec.) [3 definitions]
Second Advent see Second Coming.
secondary of second or lesser rank, importance, or value. [6 definitions]