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seignorial of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a seignior.
Seine a river in northern France that flows through Paris and into the English Channel.
seine a net used for fishing that is suspended vertically in the water with weights at the bottom and floats at the top. [4 definitions]
seismic of, concerning, or resulting from an earthquake.
seismicity a measure of the frequency, magnitude, and distribution of earthquakes in a given area.
seismo- earthquake.
seismogram the chart made by a seismograph, esp. of an earthquake's tremor.
seismograph an apparatus for identifying earthquakes and measuring their strength and other characteristics.
seismology the scientific study of the causes, effects, and characteristics of earthquakes.
seismometer an instrument that measures movement of the ground, such as movement caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or explosion.
seitan a food product made of wheat gluten and added flavoring, often used as a meat substitute.
sei whale a whalebone whale that has a bluish or gray back and appears in most of the world's seas.
seize to take hold of forcibly and quickly. [7 definitions]
seizure a sudden and violent disruption of usual brain activity, such as that which occurs in epilepsy, which affects the nervous system temporarily and renders the body out of control. [3 definitions]
selachian any of the group of fishes that includes sharks, skates, and rays.
selah a Hebrew word of unknown meaning that often occurs at the end of verses in the Psalms and is thought to be a musical or liturgical direction.
seldom rarely; infrequently; occasionally.
select to choose as a preference from among alternatives; pick. [4 definitions]
selectable combined form of select.
select committee a group, formed on a temporary basis and assembled from members of a goverment, whose purpose is to investigate a particular issue.
selectee someone who is chosen, esp. one drafted by the military.