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selah a Hebrew word of unknown meaning that often occurs at the end of verses in the Psalms and is thought to be a musical or liturgical direction.
seldom rarely; infrequently; occasionally.
select to choose as a preference from among alternatives; pick. [4 definitions]
selectable combined form of select.
select committee a group, formed on a temporary basis and assembled from members of a goverment, whose purpose is to investigate a particular issue.
selectee someone who is chosen, esp. one drafted by the military.
selection an act, instance, or process of selecting, or the condition of being selected. [4 definitions]
selective characterized by careful choice; tending to exercise discrimination. [2 definitions]
selective service a system of compulsory military service, or of selecting those who will serve therein.
selectivity the condition or quality of being selective.
selectman in many New England towns, one of several elected local public officials.
Selene in Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon; Luna.
selenic acid a colorless highly corrosive acid resembling sulfuric acid.
selenious acid a poisonous water-soluble powder used as a reagent.
selenite a clear colorless crystalline form of gypsum. [2 definitions]
selenium a chemical element that has thirty-four protons in each nucleus and that forms compounds with many other elements, but that can be isolated in gray or red crystalline allotropes whose electrical resistance varies with light intensity, leading to extensive use in photoelectric cells, xerographic copying, and the like. (symbol: Se)
selenium cell a photoconductive cell made by placing a thin strip of selenium between two metal electrodes.
self one's own being, personality, and nature. [3 definitions]
self- self; oneself or itself. [2 definitions]
self-abasement humiliation or degradation of oneself, esp. from feelings of guilt or inferiority.
self-abnegating combined form of abnegating.