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self-immolation the act of setting oneself on fire as a form of protest or sacrifice.
self-important having an unrealistically high opinion of one's influence or importance; conceited.
self-imposed forced on one by oneself; undertaken or endured voluntarily.
self-improvement improvement of one's mind, abilities, status, or the like by one's own efforts.
self-incriminating of a statement, testimony, or the like, acting to implicate or incriminate the person who issues it.
self-incrimination the implication or incrimination of oneself, esp. while testifying in a criminal trial.
self-induced produced or brought on by oneself.
self-induction the creation of an electromotive force in a circuit by a varying current in that circuit.
self-indulgence the tendency to gratify or the act of gratifying one's own desires, whims, and appetites, sometimes without restraint or responsibility.
self-indulgent having or showing the tendency to satisfy or indulge one's own appetites, desires, or the like.
self-infatuated combined form of infatuated.
self-inflation combined form of inflation.
self-inflicted imposed or inflicted on one by oneself.
self-initiated combined form of initiated.
self-instructed combined form of instructed.
self-instruction combined form of instruction.
self-instructional designating materials or programs designed to provide independent learning.
self-interest one's own personal advantage or interest. [2 definitions]
self-invented combined form of invented.
self-invention combined form of invention.
selfish overly concerned with oneself and one's own interests, rather than those of others; self-centered. [2 definitions]