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self-will obstinate willfulness, esp. in the pursuit of one's own desires or ambitions; stubbornness.
self-winding of a watch or clock, wound automatically by an internal mechanism.
self-worship combined form of worship.
self-worshiper combined form of worshiper.
sell to exchange (something) with another for money. [9 definitions]
sellable combined form of sell.
seller one who sells; vendor. [2 definitions]
seller's market a market that favors the seller because goods or services are scarce and prices are high. (Cf. buyer's market.)
sell like hot cakes (informal) to be sold very quickly and in large quantity; be in great demand.
sell-off a decline in prices, usu. of stocks or bonds, caused by widespread desire to sell.
sellout a theatrical performance or other entertainment event for which all the tickets have been sold. [3 definitions]
sell out to dispose of all of one's goods by selling. [2 definitions]
sell (someone) a bill of goods (informal) to trick or defraud.
seltzer a mineral water with natural effervescence. [2 definitions]
selvage the edge of a fabric, woven in such a way that it will not fray or ravel. [3 definitions]
selves pl. of self.
semantic of or pertaining to the meaning of words and symbols. [2 definitions]
semantics (used with a sing. verb) the study of meaning in language, esp. from a developmental or historical point of view.
semaphore a device for or method of signaling, as on a railroad, by means of lights and symbolic signs or flags. [3 definitions]
sematic serving as a sign of danger, as the coloration of certain poisonous animals.
semblance outward form; appearance. [3 definitions]