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Senate minority leader the senator who is the highest ranking member of the minority party in the U.S. Senate and who speaks for and represents the interests of his or her fellow minority party senators.
Senate Rules Committee the committee of the U.S. Senate responsible for overseeing matters relating to rules and procedures in the Senate, federal elections, U.S. presidential succession, qualifications of Senate members, corrupt government practices, and the administration of Senate office buildings. The formal name is United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.
senator a member of a senate.
send to cause to be transmitted, as by mail or delivery service. [7 definitions]
send-off (informal) a show of encouragement and affection for a person starting a new venture, going on a trip, or the like.
send to Coventry to ostracize, shun, or banish.
sene the smaller monetary unit of Western Samoa. (Cf. tala.)
Seneca a member of a tribe of North American Indians living in western New York and belonging to the Six Nations. [2 definitions]
Seneca Falls a village and township located in central New York State, where the first U.S. women's rights convention was held (1848), now home to the Women's Rights National Historical Park and the National Women's Hall of Fame.
Senegal a West African country on the Atlantic, between Mauritania and Guinea.
senescent becoming aged; in or nearing old age.
seneschal a steward in the household of a medieval prince or noble.
senile showing certain characteristics of old age, esp. a deterioration of mental faculties or emotional control.
senior elder, esp. of two relatives having the same name (often used in abbreviation). [7 definitions]
senior citizen an elderly person, esp. one who is past the usual retirement age of sixty-five.
senior high school a secondary school comprising grades ten, eleven, and twelve, and sometimes grade nine; high school.
seniority the state of being senior. [2 definitions]
seniti the smaller monetary unit of Tonga. (Cf. pa'anga.)
senna any of various tropical plants whose dried leaves are used to produce a laxative effect. [2 definitions]
seņor (Spanish) a title equivalent to "Mr." or "Sir". [2 definitions]
seņora (Spanish) a title equivalent to "Mrs." or "Madam". [2 definitions]