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septicemia persistent infection of the blood stream by harmful bacteria or their toxins.
septic tank an underground tank in which solid organic waste material is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria.
septillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1024. [2 definitions]
septuagenarian one who is seventy years old or between seventy and eighty years old.
Septuagint a translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Greek, done in the third century B.C.
septum in biology, a thin membrane or other partition that separates two cavities or two masses of soft tissue.
septuple amounting to or containing seven. [3 definitions]
sepulcher a sacred vault for burial; tomb. [3 definitions]
sepulchral of, relating to, or serving as a sepulcher or tomb. [3 definitions]
sepulture the act of placing in a tomb or sepulcher; interment; burial.
sequacious following in a logical sequence.
sequel what follows afterwards, such as the next event in a series, esp. as it arises from previous events. [2 definitions]
sequela something that follows; result or consequence, esp. an abnormal or diseased condition that follows and usu. results from a previous illness.
sequence an arrangement or process in which one thing follows another; succession. [5 definitions]
sequent following in time or order; succeeding; subsequent. [3 definitions]
sequential forming or marked by a sequence of parts or units.
sequester to remove into protection and isolation; seclude. [2 definitions]
sequestrate in law, to seize (property); confiscate. [2 definitions]
sequestration the act of sequestering, or the condition of being sequestered. [3 definitions]
sequin a very small shiny flat disk usu. sewn in great numbers onto clothing as decoration.
sequoia either of two very large coniferous trees native to California; redwood or big tree.