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setscrew an often headless screw that holds one piece firmly against another. [2 definitions]
set shot a shot made by a basketball player while standing in place.
set store by to hold in esteem; value.
settee a seat with a back and usu. arms, on which two or more persons can sit.
setter someone or something that sets (usu. used in combination). [2 definitions]
set theory the study of the mathematical properties of, and relations between, sets.
setting surroundings; context; environment. [5 definitions]
settle1 to finally agree upon or resolve. [12 definitions]
settle2 a long wooden seat with arms and a high back; settee.
settle a score to retaliate in response to a grievance or hurt.
settle down to adopt a quieter and more stable lifestyle. [2 definitions]
settlement the process or act of settling, or the condition of being settled. [4 definitions]
settler a person who settles in a previously uninhabited or new area.
settle someone's hash to dispose of or subdue.
settlings solid matter that settles out of a liquid; sediment; dregs.
set-to (informal) a short, intense fight or argument.
setup the manner in which something is organized, arranged, or structured. [3 definitions]
set up to ready for use or operation by assembling or arranging the parts. [2 definitions]
seven the number represented by the Arabic numeral 7 and by the Roman numeral VII. [3 definitions]
Seven Cities of Cibola legendary cities full of riches sought by sixteenth-century Spanish explorers in what is now the southwestern United States.
sevenfold having seven parts or elements. [3 definitions]