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severity the quality or condition of being severe. [4 definitions]
seviche a Latin American seafood dish containing raw fish or shellfish marinated in lime juice with chilies, chopped tomatoes, and herbs.
Sèvres a French porcelain of very high quality, often ornately decorated.
sew to construct, repair, or attach by making stitches with a needle and thread. [3 definitions]
sewable combined form of sew.
sewage water and waste material carried away in sewers.
sewer1 a large pipe, usu. buried, that carries off the liquid and solid waste of a town or city.
sewer2 someone or something that sews.
sewerage the system of sewers and drains that serves an area. [2 definitions]
sewing the act or process of working with a needle and thread. [2 definitions]
sewing circle a group of women who meet regularly to sew, often for a charitable cause such as a church sale.
sewing machine any of various machines for stitching or sewing, esp. one used for making clothing or the like.
sewn a past participle of sew.
sew up (informal) l. to bring successfully to a close. [2 definitions]
sex the sum of the qualities and characteristics that distinguish living things as being either male or female based on their physical role in reproduction. [6 definitions]
sex-1 six.
sex-2 sex; gender.
sexagenarian being, of, or concerning one who is between the ages of sixty and seventy. [2 definitions]
sex appeal physical attractiveness or personal charm that arouses sexual interest.
sex chromosome either of two sex-determining chromosomes, designated X and Y, in the reproductive cells of human beings, most animals, and some plants.
sexed having sexual characteristics; being either male or female. [2 definitions]