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shank a human leg, or the section of one between the ankle and knee. [3 definitions]
shan't contracted form of "shall not".
shantey variant of chantey.
shantung a heavy, natural-colored silk fabric with a rough surface, or a similar-looking fabric made from cotton or rayon.
shanty1 a crudely constructed cabin or house; shack.
shanty2 variant of chantey.
shantytown a very poor section of a city or town, containing many shanties or ramshackle huts.
shape the outward appearance of something as characterized by its outline; form. [10 definitions]
shapeable combined form of shape.
shapeless lacking any distinct or recognizable shape or form. [2 definitions]
shapely having an attractive shape.
shapeshifter a mythical figure who can change its shape or form, esp. from human to animal.
shard a piece of a broken object, esp. a fragment of pottery or glass. [2 definitions]
share to divide and give out to others while reserving a portion for oneself. [8 definitions]
shareable combined form of share.
sharecrop to work (farmland) as a sharecropper, giving a portion of the crop to the landowner.
sharecropper a tenant farmer who gives a portion of his or her crop to the owner of the land as rent.
shareholder a person who owns shares of the stock of a business organization; stockholder.
shareware software delivered free of charge and, for continued use of which, users are asked to pay a small fee.
sharia (often cap.) Islamic law based on the teachings of the Koran.
shark1 any of numerous large, voracious, tough-skinned sea fishes with skeletons of cartilage rather than bone.