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sharper one, esp. a professional gambler, who deals dishonestly with others; swindler; cheat.
sharp-eyed able to see things distinctly; sharp-sighted. [2 definitions]
sharpie formerly, a long narrow fishing boat with a flat bottom, a centerboard, and one or two masts carrying triangular sails. [2 definitions]
sharply quickly and suddenly.
sharp-shinned hawk a small North American hawk that has short wings and a long tail and that feeds mainly on birds and small animals.
sharpshooter a person who shoots a gun with skill and accuracy.
sharp-tongued harsh, severe, sarcastic, or critical in speech or writing.
sharp-witted having or showing a keen, quick-thinking mind.
shashlik cubes of lamb or veal, marinated and broiled on a skewer, often with vegetables; shish kebab.
Shasta daisy a variety of chrysanthemum that bears large daisylike flowers.
shatter to break (something) suddenly, esp. into small pieces. [3 definitions]
shatterproof made to be resistant to shattering.
shave to cut off facial or body hair with a razor. [8 definitions]
shaven a past participle of shave. [3 definitions]
shaver a razor, esp. an electric razor. [2 definitions]
Shavian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of George Bernard Shaw or his work. [2 definitions]
shaving a very thin slice or shaved-off piece, as of wood; sliver. [2 definitions]
Shavuoth a Jewish holiday, originally a harvest festival, that commemorates the revelation of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai.
shawl a usu. oblong piece of fabric, larger and heavier than a scarf, that is worn around the head and shoulders.
shawm an early double-reed wind instrument, recognized as the forerunner of the oboe.
Shawnee a member of a tribe of North American Indians that formerly lived in the eastern and midwestern United States and now survives chiefly in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]