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Shawnee a member of a tribe of North American Indians that formerly lived in the eastern and midwestern United States and now survives chiefly in Oklahoma. [2 definitions]
shay (informal) a carriage; chaise.
she the female person or animal that is under discussion or recently referred to. [5 definitions]
sheaf a bound bundle of cut grain. [2 definitions]
shear to cut off (hair or fleece) with a scissorlike tool. [7 definitions]
sheared treated by shearing; trimmed, as fur used in clothing.
shearing stress in physics, a force that causes two parts or layers of a body to slide along each other in opposite directions; shear.
shears (sometimes used with a sing. verb) a large scissorlike tool, or an electric shaver, esp. for shearing sheep.
shearwater any of various long-winged black or black-and-white sea birds that, when flying low, appear to skim the water with their wings.
sheath a tightfitting case for the blade of a sword, knife, or the like. [3 definitions]
sheathe to put (a sword, knife, or the like) into a sheath. [2 definitions]
sheathing an outer layer or covering of boards, plywood, or other material applied to the frame of a house, underneath the outermost, weatherproof siding. [4 definitions]
sheath knife a knife with a fixed blade that is carried in a sheath.
sheave1 to collect and tie (grain, paper, or the like) into a sheaf or sheaves.
sheave2 a wheel with a grooved rim for holding a rope or wire, esp. such a wheel used as a pulley.
sheaves1 pl. of sheaf.
sheaves2 pl. of sheave2.
shebang (informal) an occasion, situation, organization, contrivance, or the like, considered as a whole.
shed1 a simple, usu. one-story structure used for storage or shelter, or as a workshop, and either free-standing or attached to another building.
shed2 to cast off, take off, or let fall (a covering or growth). [7 definitions]
she'd contracted form of "she had". ; contracted form of "she would".