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shelter a place, such as a structure, that provides protection from danger, weather, or the like; refuge. [7 definitions]
sheltered workshop a workshop where handicapped persons work for wages and often receive job training in an environment devoid of the usual pressures of a job.
shelterless combined form of shelter.
shelter tent a small tent, usu. for two persons, that is assembled from two halves fastened together.
sheltie (informal) a Shetland pony, or a Shetland sheepdog.
shelve to put on a shelf or shelves. [3 definitions]
shelves pl. of shelf.
shelving a group of shelves, or shelves collectively. [3 definitions]
Shema a principal Jewish prayer, recited at every religious service, that declares the unity of God.
Shemite variant of Semite.
shenanigan (informal; often pl.) an amusing, mischievous, or treacherous prank or other action.
Sheol according to the Old Testament, a place deep within the earth that is the abode of the dead.
shepherd a person who herds and watches over sheep at pasture. [3 definitions]
shepherd dog any of various dogs that guard or herd sheep; sheepdog.
shepherd's pie a dish of ground or diced meat baked with a crust or layering of mashed potatoes.
shepherd's-purse a weed that bears small white cross-shaped flowers and pods that resemble purses or pouches.
Sheraton of, concerning, or designating an eighteenth-century style of furniture featuring straight lines and simple classical decoration.
sherbet a frozen dessert, usu. flavored with fruit juice and made with milk, egg whites, or gelatin.
sherif an Arab ruler, chief, or prince. [3 definitions]
sheriff the chief law-enforcement official of a county or similar governmental unit. [2 definitions]
Sherlock Holmes a fictional detective hero in many late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century short stories and novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is described as having extraordinary powers of observation and deduction. [2 definitions]