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shirtdress a simple dress with a collar and a bodice with buttons down the front.
shirting any fabric used in shirts, such as broadcloth.
shirtless combined form of shirt.
shirt-sleeve not wearing a coat; casually dressed. [3 definitions]
shirttail the portion of a shirt below the waistline, esp. in the back. [2 definitions]
shirtwaist a dress or blouse for a woman, resembling a man's tailored shirt with a collar and front opening.
shish kebab a dish consisting of meat, esp. lamb, and vegetables impaled on a skewer, seasoned, and broiled or roasted.
shit (vulgar) fecal matter; excrement. [11 definitions]
shitfaced (vulgar slang) drunk.
shithead (vulgar slang) one who is despised, esp. for some sort of wrongheadedness.
shitlist (vulgar slang) a number of persons who are deeply disfavored.
shitty (vulgar slang) contemptible or despicable. [3 definitions]
Shiva the Hindu god of destruction and reproduction who forms a supreme triad with Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the preserver; Siva.
shiva in Judaism, the seven-day mourning period during which friends can visit those who are bereaved by the death of a loved one.
shivaree a raucous mock serenade for a newly married couple. [2 definitions]
shiver1 to tremble or shake involuntarily, as with cold, anticipation, or fear. [4 definitions]
shiver2 to shatter into small parts or fragments. [2 definitions]
shivery1 trembling or quivering, or likely to do so; shaky. [2 definitions]
shivery2 easily broken into fragments or splinters.
shoal1 a shallow area within a body of water. [6 definitions]
shoal2 a large group of fish, dolphins, or whales; school. [3 definitions]