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shivaree a raucous mock serenade for a newly married couple. [2 definitions]
shiver1 to tremble or shake involuntarily, as with cold, anticipation, or fear. [4 definitions]
shiver2 to shatter into small parts or fragments. [2 definitions]
shivery1 trembling or quivering, or likely to do so; shaky. [2 definitions]
shivery2 easily broken into fragments or splinters.
shoal1 a shallow area within a body of water. [6 definitions]
shoal2 a large group of fish, dolphins, or whales; school. [3 definitions]
shoat a young pig that has recently been weaned.
shock1 a sudden, sometimes violent, scare or other intense emotional disturbance. [8 definitions]
shock2 a bundle of stalks of corn or other grain standing upright against one another in a field. [2 definitions]
shock3 a thick mass of hair.
shock absorber any of several devices that absorb the force of impacts, esp. a hydraulic or pneumatic tube in the suspension system of an automobile.
shocker1 something or someone that shocks, such as a sensational or scandalous story or event.
shocker2 one that gathers corn or other grain into shocks.
shocking causing great dismay, disgust, or outrage, often combined with surprise. [2 definitions]
shockproof capable of withstanding shocks. [2 definitions]
shock therapy a method of treating certain mental disorders by electric shock or drugs; electroconvulsive therapy; shock treatment.
shock troops soldiers specially trained and equipped to lead assaults.
shock wave a compression wave, such as that produced by an explosion; blast. [2 definitions]
shod a past tense and past participle of shoe.
shodden a past participle of shoe.