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shodden a past participle of shoe.
shoddy of low quality; poorly made or carried out; shabby. [6 definitions]
shoe a protective outer covering for the human foot, usu. durable and made of leather, canvas, rubber, or a combination of these. [5 definitions]
shoebox a box designed for holding a pair of shoes, often used in one's home, subsequent to a shoe purchase, for storing other items.
shoehorn a curved implement shaped to be inserted into the heel of a shoe so it will slip onto the foot more easily. [2 definitions]
shoelace a string or cord for fastening a shoe.
shoeless combined form of shoe.
shoemaker one employed in making and repairing shoes; cobbler.
shoepac a high, insulated, waterproof boot.
shoer one who shoes horses or other animals.
shoeshine the appearance of shoes after having been cleaned and polished. [2 definitions]
shoestring a thin cord passed through eyelets on a shoe to tighten it or fasten it on; shoelace. [4 definitions]
shoestring potatoes potatoes cut into long narrow strips and fried in deep fat.
shoetree a foot-shaped device inserted into a shoe in order to preserve its shape when not being worn.
shogun one of the chief military commanders of Japan from the eighth to the twelfth century, who governed in the name of the emperor.
shoji in Japan, a translucent, rice paper screen used as a sliding door or as a room divider.
shone a past tense and past participle of shine.
shoo Get away! Go away! (used to frighten away pests of various kinds). [2 definitions]
shoofly a child's rocker mounted between two supports that are shaped like animals.
shoo-in (informal) one regarded as certain to win an election, horse race, or other competition.
shook1 past tense of shake.