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shoot from the hip (informal) to do or say without thought or consideration.
shooting an act of firing a gun at one or more persons. [2 definitions]
shooting gallery any place designed for target practice, such as a target range.
shooting star a chunk of extraterrestrial matter that burns up as it enters the earth's atmosphere; meteor. [2 definitions]
shooting stick a portable device consisting of a seat mounted on one end of a canelike stick with a spike at the other end, used esp. by spectators at golf tournaments and the like.
shoot-out a confrontation involving shooting, as between police and criminals; gunfight. [2 definitions]
shop a small retail store. [4 definitions]
shopgirl a female clerk or salesperson.
shopkeeper a person who manages or owns a shop.
shoplift to steal goods from a store while posing as a customer.
shoplifter a person who steals goods from a store while pretending to be a customer.
shoppe shop (used mainly on store signs to suggest old-fashioned quaintness).
shopper a person who goes shopping. [4 definitions]
shopping the activity of looking for and buying goods in a store.
shopping bag a large, strong bag with handles, used for carrying purchases.
shopping center a group or complex of stores, often with other businesses such as restaurants, that have a common parking area.
shop steward a unionized worker elected by other union members, usu. in a particular shop or department, to represent them in dealing with management.
shoptalk conversation dealing with, or using the jargon of, one's job or profession, esp. after working hours.
shopworn of merchandise, worn or dirtied by exposure and handling. [2 definitions]
shoran an electronic system of navigational signals used in airplanes, ships, guided missiles, and the like to determine the precise position of the aircraft or ship (acronym for "short range navigation").
shore1 the land beside an ocean, sea, lake, or river. [2 definitions]